Centre Township

449 Bucks Hill Road
Mohrsville, PA 19541
Office: 610.926.8833
Fax: 610.926.8832

Centre Township Board of Supervisors 

David Wert, Chairman

Lee Schlappich, Vice-Chairman

Jason Troutman, Supervisor 

Centre Township Planning Commission

David L. Phillips

Alfonso Rossi 

Douglas J. Kinzey 

Stanley J. Kaczor, Jr.

Barry Good

Centre Township Zoning Hearing Board

John W. Yoder

Theresa A. LaBruno

Ronald Kinsey

Joseph Marko

Centre Township Land Protection Council/Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee 

David L. Phillips, active farmer 

Ernest R. Romay, active farmer 

Larry C. Zimmerman, active farmer 

Mark Garber, citizen 

Barry L. Good, member of governing body and active farmer 

John Madenford

Alternate Member: Larry Phillips, active farmer

Alternate Member: Christopher Teprovich 

Centre Township Municipal Authority

David L. Phillips

Chris Teprovich 

David Kauffman 

Connie Troutman

Sindy Bachman

Centre Township Parks and Recreation Board 

Jeff Miller

Alfonso Rossi 

Barry Good 



Centre Township Emergency Management 

Robert Hussmann, Emergency Manager

Gloria Grim, Assistant Emergency Manager 

Centre Township Secretary/Treasurer

Gloria Grim

Township Solicitor: Elizabeth A. Magovern, Esquire 610-779-0772

Township Engineer: Vision Engineering Inc. Vision Engineering Inc.

Sewage Enforcement Officer: Vision Engineering Inc. Vision Engineering Inc.

Zoning Officer: Vision Engineering Inc. Vision Engineering Inc.

Sewer Engineer: Vision Engineering Inc. Vision Engineering Inc.

Building Inspections: Associated Building Inspection, Inc. (ABI)          Contact: Ed Poorman                                                                               Phone: 717-733-1654